I made Siri sing in 6 languages

It was Monday night, and I got bored. I was trying to study Swedish, but I couldn’t concentrate. So I played a little with Siri. I used Siri to check my Swedish pronunciation. I wanted to see if Siri could recognize my command in Swedish. Then, I made it sing.

Well, that was interesting. I got carried away. I wanted to make Siri sing another song in Indonesian, but apparently it doesn’t speak Indonesian. It speaks Malay, tho. So I gave it a try.

And there it goes…… in Japanese

In English

I didn’t want to stop, just yet. I heard Danish is a bit similar to Swedish. So i googled “sing” in Danish. And here it goes.

Still didn’t want to stop. On the next day I asked my cousin, who speaks German. And I got this.

So long my precious 20 minutes…..


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